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inside.jpg (11741 bytes)By Act of President James Carter on April 17th 1980, Mystery Flesh Pit National Park was "dedicated and set apart as a public park or pleasuring ground for the benefit and enjoyment of the people" and "for the collection of minerals and resources to benefit all of man kind." Mystery Flesh Pit National Park is by far the most unique part of the National Park system.

The commanding feature that initially attracted interest was the Permian Basin Superorganism, commonly known as the Mystery Flesh Pit. This organism was first discovered in 1973, by a well drilling crew in West Texas. Though there is much speculation as to the true size of the organism, there is no doubt that it is by far the largest living creature on the planet.

The human history of the park is evidenced by ritual sites dating back thousands of years. More recent history can be seen in the numerous support facilities that have been constructed around and inside of the pit, in order to open this wonder to all that want to experience it, as well as to help mine precious resources such as Ballast, Blue Tissue, Black Bone, Oscularite, Pearls, and more.

Aside from the hermetically sealed visitor areas and leased mining areas, much of the park remains undeveloped. There are vast expanses of Mystery Flesh Pit that are preserved in their natural, unique glory. Here you meet nature on its terms, not yours. Park regulations exist for your safety and for the protection of natural, cultural, and commercial resources. Please obey all park rules and regulations

Visitation is highest in June, July, and August.
Located in West Texas, approximately 22 miles south of the town of Gumption.
Outside of sealed guest areas, the climate of the park interior is remarkably consistent. The temperature seldom fluctutes from 98.6 degrees, with very high humidity. Loose fitting and comfortable clothing is suggested year round for most activities. Certain areas such as the shores of the Gastric Lakes may reccomend or require additional protective clothing.
To Park: Automobile access is available by many state and federal highways. Commercial airlines serve Midland International Air Port, located in Midland approximately 50 miles away from the park.
In Park: There is no public transportation provided within the park. Most visitors traverse the park on foot.
The entrance and parking fee is $20 for a private, non-commercial vehicle; $15 for each snowmobile or motorcycle; or $10 for each visitor entering by foot, bike, ski, etc. This fee provides the visitor with a 7-day entrance permit for Mystery Flesh Pit National Park. Commercial tours are subject to a separate fee schedule. Golden Age, Eagle, and Access passports are honored and provide free admission to the park.

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